Science Of Nature

What’s our secret? The Power of Nature.

From the earliest of times, man has realized the power of nature. From medicines, disease treatment, infection prevention, boosting immunities, protecting against insects, and thousands of other uses, man discovered that many plants had incredible healing and preventative powers. Throughout history until the industrial revolution, pioneers such as Joseph Banks, Richard Spruce, Richard Schultes and many other botanists explored the jungles and remote places on the earth to study these plants and how indigenous people had used them for thousands of years. But with the industrial revolution, focus turned to mass production and cheap man-made chemical alternatives. The result was that we lost sight of the fact that nature can and does provide many better solutions than are made in a laboratory. Youth Fountain is at the forefront of the rediscovery of many of these powerful natural extracts. Through the use of modern science and our exclusive technologies, we are creating powerful almost 100% natural skin, hair and health products to improve your everyday life.

Created from nature’s Superfoods, Youth Fountain products are a powerful solution to improve your skin, hair and whole body health. All of our products use the highest natural formulations possible; Miracle One at over 97%, Inner-G One at 100%, and Miracle Sun at over 98% natural ingredients. Our natural ingredients have extensive scientific and medical studies proving their ability to improve skin, hair and health.

Our key crucial extracts are Natures DNA for a New You!

We begin by using advanced scientific extraction techniques to carefully select their life essential ingredients, concentrating them up to 20X more powerful than nature’s normal potency. Then, through our exclusive Micron Mesh HyperExtraction BioTechnology® process, we are to achieve incredible concentrations of these ingredients, purifying them and making them up to 100X more powerful than nature. Miracle Sun uses our exclusive Hyper-Zinc ClearTM which allows us to create a powerful, clear, smooth, light and non-toxic sunscreen. Using science in harmony with nature is the power of Youth Fountain products.

Scientifically formulated and Made in USA.* in an FDA Certified, GMP approved facility.

(*Inner-G One for USA, Korea and Japan made in USA)

Laboratory tested and 100% guaranteed to meet the strictest quality, purity and potency standards.

We Never Use:

Miracle One and Miracle Sun: Lauryl Sulphates, T.E.A., D.E.A. Glycols, Silicones, Parabens, Petrochemicals, Glutens or Fragrances. Color Free.

Inner-G One: Preservatives, Colorings, Fillers, Wheat, Yeast, Gluten, Egg, Milk, Peanut or Tree Nut Ingredients, Lactose and Sodium Free.

All Youth Fountain products contain no animal ingredients and have no animal testing.

Our commitment is to create only truly revolutionary products using scientifically and medically proven natural extracts and ingredients. That is why, unlike so many companies, we only have a few products, because our products work and truly make a difference. When you use Youth Fountain products, they give amazing results and help to make the rest of your life, The Best of Your Life!

Discover our Youth Fountain Products and See the New You!