Born In California

What’s our story? Love!

Youth Fountain came from my true love and concern for my wife. This is the story of that love and the creation of our company:

Just before our wedding day, Katy was packing for our honeymoon and I noticed a packet of pills. When I asked her what they were, she said because of her super sensitive skin and acne issues, the doctor had told her to take steroids for the past 8 years. Being afraid of the long term damage to her skin and body i begged her to stop, and she said yes.

During our honeymoon Katy started to get itchy skin and small acne spots on her forehead. Back from our honeymoon, her whole face broke out. Before I returned to California, Katy was a bit sad and when I asked why, she said she didn’t want to break her promise to me, but she felt she had to go back to using the steroids. I begged her not to and I promised her I would find a solution.

Returning to California, I talked to a good friend (who had a natural hair care products company) if he had any ideas. He educated me on chemicals used in hair and face products that can be skin irritants and to find a product that did not have them. I searched the Internet and the big cosmetic stores but could not find anything that I thought would work for her, because all of those face serums and creams had many of those ingredients. So I researched intensely for natural extracts and ingredients that had substantial research and medical studies showing that they were safe and effective for serious skin issues. I found six key ingredients that I thought would work and came up with a blend of these that would end up becoming BioAmaris. I returned to Bangkok with a really bad idea. I would make a “tea” out of the ingredients and put it on Katy’s face. Wow, what a disaster! Not only was it green in color, but it irritated her skin immediately and she had to wash it off right away. Back in California, I knew that my key ingredients would work, but I knew that I needed professional chemists to make a final product. Through my prior research I had already discovered many good natural ingredients for the skin, so I came up with my first “formula”. I found a special cosmetic manufacturer that was willing to work with me to make a final product. I worked tirelessly with their key chemist, as well as different industry experts to make this miracle formula for my Katy. Through this process, I came up with our HyperExtraction BioTechnology which resolved a number of formulation issues as well as purifying and super-concentrating our key ingredients which created BioAmaris. The final formula was modified to have less BioAmaris (due to its intensely powerful concentration) and modified to a spray so that it could be applied to the hair too. I was hoping it would help with her hair loss too. Formula Miracle One was born! My next trip to Bangkok, I brought a lot sample bottles. Within a few weeks, Katy’s face was completely healed and using on her hair, she stopped losing so much hair in the shower and brush too! I cannot tell you our happiness when Katy’s skin healed and became more beautiful than ever. She looked prettier and younger than ever with her new face and body skin like silk, and her hair was so soft and shiny. My happy Katy was back!

I had never intended to manufacture Miracle One as it was truly only made for Katy. But after I returned to California, Katy gave some sample bottles to family and friends who were amazed at their own results. It was long a dream of Katy’s to have her own cosmetic line, and after her insisting (and some begging ☺) Youth Fountain was created. Our intention with the company was to create only truly revolutionary products using the most natural formulas possible. That is why, unlike most cosmetic companies, we only have a few products. When you use Youth Fountain products they give amazing results, now and for the rest of your life!

We know important your skin hair, and a healthy body are for your to feel confident in yourself, your life, and relationships. Katy and I bring only the best solutions, made from nature and our love, so your can truly discover a New Younger You!

Mark Oliver

Inventor and Founder of Youth Fountain